FuckUp Nights Paklenica 2022.

paklenica fuckup

FuckUp Nights were organized by Dragan from Hiking Adventure Croatia at Paklenica hut on Saturday 12th of March 2022. And as a proper FuckUp night should go, we fucked up and didn’t document the event on a digital device. Still, it was a mutual enthusiasm of everybody and the fulfilling surrounding of Paklenica that brought … Read more

Pustinja Blaca – hidden jewel in Dalmatia

Pustinja Blaca is located in a remote location in the interior of the island of Brač. And only a narrow hiking path leads there. It’s not far from Bol. Hidden away, it can be reached only by foot or on a horse. And ever-changing nature and canyons of a narrow hiking trail heading to Pustinja … Read more

Prehistorical sites on the island of Hvar

tor jelsa hvar

Prehistorical sites on the island of Hvar talk about a history going 4000 BC. Leftovers of stone monuments, caves, stone piles, and round stone houses are stunning pin points on the route through the whole island. Read more about the long history, contact me, and we’ll discover them together.