5 simplest reason why to visit Hvar

December 20, 2019

Hvar, wooden boat
  • If you over-analyze it, it won’t any get better than it is.

We often search for reasons to do certain things that we are attracted to. Why? Do we really need to justify our passion?

Why not just do it?! If you over-analyze it, it won’t get better than it is. Just simply go for it and enjoy endless seas of new experiences. You can never over-doze on life, the worst thing that can happen while following your heart and fulfilling your dreams is actually making them come true. That’s it!

There is a certain melody of Hvar, a melody that resonates all through the year; a melody that dances between stone-houses and it doesn’t even disappear in a buzz of a summer blazing crowd. It’s in a scent of lavender fields, squeezed olives that drip through fingers, the red soil that feasts on fieldworkers sweat; it’s a melody of the sea and forests that resonates the song of life, that build Hvar, lived in it and laughed through it.

Hvar port, NoSelfie

Only a short portion of history is its floral renaissance stone-houses. These monuments of islanders’ life. Monasteries, churches, stone pavements, and narrow streets filled with life are just a glimpse of a history that goes further than we’ll ever be able to imagine. Centuries and centuries of islanders’ life on halfway between the gates of the west – Venice – and the Strait of Otranto, gave birth to the best of sailors, to the sweetest wine, most bitter olive oil, proud man and woman that only the islands can give birth to.

And yet, they call it a party town. Then a cultural heritage, a home of a benedictine lace, exquisite Franciscan monastery site, home of world travelers, and so on and on.

And yes! it’s all that and much, much more.

  • It’s around 40 miles of an unreal diversity in nature, culture, people, language, gastronomy and quite possibly within 4-5 hours away from London, for instance.
the screenshot is taken from www.prokerala.com

That’s like, thinking twice about falling in love. What else can I say?!

It’s like being pussyfooted about meeting a new wonderful and uplifting person in your life because there’s daily news on.

It gives me shivers, just thinking of this extraordinary vicinity of joy.

I could run through words as a stampede offering you endless beauties and unforgettable sensations that daily run true my wens, just thinking of its scent, of its colors, the endless sea and curved roots of olive trees, the life around and through, and still, I wouldn’t do it justice.

Internet is a vast field of information’s where you can quickly find out that it takes only 4-5 hours to get to Hvar from London or half of day from New York. Being too far away just doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Hvar gives you shivers all through your body, wherever you look.

Imagine a town, built centuries ago. A town made of stone; white stone. Then imagine people born on a sea and nursed by nature. The wrenches on their faces were etched by the sun and the salt. In the distance, a freckle of a smile sailing off into an unknown, the sea. Hear the rumble of a wooden boat on the horizon.

Not far away from the town, there are fields. Now feel the cool morning breeze as you’re picking grapes with your hands all muddy and free. It’s already September, around six am, let’s say. And your eyes are being wakened by the sunrise on the horizon. A big yellow star is dancing with butterflies above your head. And there is still music in your ears. Music from the last night when everybody laughed and danced together, music that rushes the blood through your veins.

Then the rumble of suitcase wheels being dragged down the stone street. There’s one, two, three…, thousands of them, finding their way through. All silenced by the laughter of travelers that came to discover Hvar.

And there it is, Hvar island, with it hands equally opened to all of us, singing.

  • It’s just enough – a perfect balance between nature and a city.

I went to Macchu Picchu. It’s a breathtaking beauty! I can’t wait to get there thousand more times, nonetheless it takes me four days to get there.

Iceland is stunning, magnificent and thrilling. Oh how I loved it!, despite of freezing my ass.

Morocco! Oh, how many articles did I read about Morocco before I went to that wonderful land of Photoshop. And I loved it, as well. Why wouldn’t I? It’s always beautiful to discover new places and meet new people.

And than Hvar, an unspoiled diamante so close to Europe, in the heart of Balkans, a shiny Dalmatian jewel, one among many. It lies in the middle of the Adriatic sea, on the crossroad of civilizations and common life, still carrying a scent of tradition and the beat of life. Ko more to platit* – who can ask for more!

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